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Day 1: Beef…its Whats For Dinner

Posted in dinner with tags , , , on 01.12.2010 by Eyerone

Steak & Garlic Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy..

As my man Bishop would say, YAT! I had been looking forward to that steak all day. I marinated it real proper-like. I didnt even need any steak-sauce (which IMO kinda smells/tastes like Dr. Pepper or Soda if u wanna keep it trilla). Next time, the plan is to cook it a lil lighter. I think it was on the grill for too long. It was still soft and tender tho! The Garlic Mashed Potatoes w/ Turkey gravy..pfft. I’m not even gonna talk about it!!! It was on point like Pete Marovich! I put it down with a Bud Light Golden Wheat. Shout out to Brian and Tala for the brew…I like it!Now, one thing that you’ll learn about me is that I’m far from a “beer person”. When it comes to beer, I’m a “whatevers-in-the-fridge” type of guy. I say that to say this…..I think i got the ‘Itis.